Your Complete Health



I have been interested in energy work my whole life and fascinated how thought leads our mind, mind leads our qi (life force) and how qi creates matter, leading to what manifests for us in our lives, such as life events, our relationships, our opportunities and of course our health.

Do we stay stuck or can we move through life and continue to grow and create the life we want?  

Do we respond or do we react? 

Do we live life or does life happen to us?

Our thoughts, mind and qi influence our levels of emotional, mental and physical pain, health, posture and how we move, how we handle stress, how we treat ourselves, how we express ourselves in our lives and with others.  Do we have ease, peace, flow and fun?

My interest in energy work culminated when I began studying with the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice at Kinesiology Connection and continues to grow with ‘Transform’ on demand learning with Professor Jerry Alan Johnson Ph. D.D.T.C.M

I am excited to have the opportunity to use my skills to work with clients who want to genuinely transform their lives.